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Don't let a health incident
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Zedic connects restaurateurs and hoteliers directly with our medical pros 24/7 so you can get immediate answers to every business health question you face.


The problem

What Keeps Restaurateurs Up At Night?

Last year, 65% of foodborne illness in the U.S. was linked to restaurants and hotels, leading to more than 31 million people getting sick.

Many business can’t afford to weather an illness that goes public. It can be anything from an employee with Hep A, to a patron getting sick in your establishment, or even improperly cleaned workspaces; once people get sick, it’s very hard to protect your reputation.

By The Numbers

How Bad A Single Incident Can Be

The drop-off in revenue that most restaurants experience for 6 weeks or more after an incident goes public.

In fact, it’s usually a 70% drop for the first 3 weeks.
Depending on the size of your business, average losses from drops in revenue, lawsuits, and legal fees can range from painful to business-ending.
Most businesses will only recover to 80% of their pre-incident revenue.

That means you’re feeling an incident for YEARS afterwards, if your business survives.

That’s Why We Created Zedic

Zedic puts a team of public health, food safety, and medical professionals right in your pocket, for whenever you have questions, concerns, or just need advice.

Zedic is designed to save time, stress and money when you have an employee or patron health issue. Maybe you need to know whether to close for the day, send an employee to the doctor, or just get our opinion on a health department response, we’ll get you all the information they need to stay open or minimize the impact.

Until now, this kind of expertise was available for only the biggest companies.

How It Works

Medical & Health Guidance,
Just A Chat Away

Live Chat

We're right there with you when you need us. Simply open up the chat, let us know what you're dealing with, and one of our medical professionals will help guide you through it.

Whether you've got a quick question about the right product to use, or a sick employee who came to work, we've got the answers.

Knowledge Base

Sometimes, all you need is a great tutorial or Q&A. We've found that it's so hard to find simple, plain-spoken explanations of the types of health issues we face.

So we provide you with a library of simple documents & guides that anyone can understand. But most importantly, they include the key takeaways YOU need to make a decision, like do I need to shut down my restaurant or hotel?

Health News Alerts

Knowing what's going on around you (and around the country) is necessary for staying ahead of public health issues. If you know what's out there, you can be prepared.

Is there a measles or Hepatitis outbreak in your community?

We share the most important, timely public health updates that matter to you.

How Zedic Fits Your Life

The Zedic App Is Your Secret Weapon

The Zedic app is where you'll gain access to your suite of tools. Rather than rely on phone calls, voicemails, or helpdesk emails, the Zedic app gives you instant answers.

Whether the information you need is in our knowledge base of easy-to-understand, practical documents, or coming directly in a live chat with one of our medical professionals, everything is available wherever (and whenever) you are.

Zedic is backed by Zero Hour Health

Zero Hour Health is an industry leader in the foodservice and hospitality health industry.
With more than 25 years experience, Zero Hour Health is trusted by some of the biggest names in the businesses. From large scale catering, to nationwide quick serv, we've handled every issue you could imagine, and we'll help you navigate them.
Here are just a few of the business that trust ZHH with their employee health:

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-Small & medium sized restaurant/hospitality groups
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-Remote/dispersed teams
-Growing organizations
-Health sensitive organizations
-Franchised orgs in need of large-scale support

Breaking Even

One Day of Business Saved Pays for an Entire Year of Zedic. How's That For ROI?

For most teams, your entire yearly Zedic subscription will cost less than the lost revenue of a single day’s closure, let alone the loss of business from a public incident.

According to, the national average for daily sales revenue is $1,272 on 45 tickets, for an average of $28.38.

If your restaruant does more business than this in a day, the ROI is even greater.

Your Personal Health Team
(At A Fraction of the Cost)

Pay Annually
(Get One
Month Free!)
Pay Monthly
(No Long Term Commitment)


Automated Daily Wellness Checks Are Key To Re-Opening

Daily wellness checks for employees are here to stay. So how do you do them intelligently, quickly, and without inundating your managers with a new job?

Interested in speaking with someone from our team about wellness checks? Tap the button below!

Inquire About Wellness Checks

Done Before Shifts

No employees waiting in line too close together, and no sharing tablets or clipboards, and you find out someone might be sick while there's still time to fill their shift.. 

Fast, Easy, and Automatic

No new systems, and no apps to download. As simple as possible, and works with just a browser, text messaging, and email. Our system runs like clockwork without manual steps every single day.

Our Clinical Team Handles Your Sick Employees

Wellness checks are great, but what happens when you have an employee indicate they have symptoms? Your managers are not epidemiologists. That's where we come in! When an employee fails a check, they are automatically connected to our clinical team who will talk to them determine when they can return to work.




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