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Zedic Is Your On-Demand
Medical Director

Zedic puts a team of public health, food safety, and medical professionals right in your pocket, for whenever you have questions, concerns, or just need advice.


Now Offering: Zedic Daily Wellness Checks!

Zedic's wellness check program is the only one staffed live by real medical professionals. No more incorrect exclusions or managers trying to guess whether it's COVID or not!

Add it to your Zedic subscription for maximum coverage.

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Industry Experts At Your Disposal

Zedic is designed to save time, stress and money when you have an employee or patron health issue. Maybe you need to know whether to close for the day, send an employee to the doctor, or just get our opinion on a health department response, we’ll get you all the information they need to stay open or minimize the impact.

Until now, this kind of expertise was available for only the biggest companies.

Zedic is backed by Zero Hour Health

Zedic is a product of Zero Hour Health, a leader in the foodservice and hospitality health industry.
With more than 25 years experience, Zero Hour Health is trusted by some of the biggest names in the businesses. From large scale catering, to nationwide quick serv, we've handled every issue you could imagine, and we'll help you navigate them.
Here are just a few of the business that trust ZHH with their employee health: