Wellness checks by real medical pros.

Zedic's wellness check program is the only COVID service staffed by real medical professionals. No more incorrect exclusions or managers trying to guess whether it's COVID or not!

Just a few of the companies using Zedic...

The Coronavirus Effect

COVID-19 Changed The Industry Forever.

The next challenge is how to respond and reopen in the new world we operate in.

Daily employee wellness checks are here to stay.


Most Wellness Checks Exclude Too Many Employees. But Not With Zedic.

You may have seen others out there claiming they'll help keep you in business during COVID, but in reality, they miss the most dangerous cases, and keep healthy people out of work.

of employees can get back to work same day or next day.
We clear over 30% of employees to work that same day, and over 10% to work the next day. 

This presents a huge ROI, as you save on sick pay for folks who aren't really sick AND avoid overtime costs associated with filling last minute shifts.

The other options:

Zedic's Wellness Checks

The other options:


Zedic's Wellness Checks

Automated pass/fail surveys

When you have a pass/fail survey, huge numbers of employees will get excluded for 10-14 days for things that aren't COVID-related.

Accidental button clicks, misunderstanding the definition of close contact, unrelated symptoms, etc.

Surveys backed up by real clinical professionals.

When your employees use Zedic Wellness Checks, each survey failure gets handled by a real human clinical pro who will text and/or email directly with your employee to get to the bottom of the situation.

You & Your Managers Forced To Play Epidemiologist

Every case is unique and complicated. You and your managers shouldn't have to be the ones making medical judgement calls.

We have Clinical Pros to Make the difficult decisions.

We have a team of seasoned professionals who handle COVID cases all day long. We've seen it all and can make the tough calls for you.

Most employees EXCluded

When you let an automated system determine who should be out, most of your workforce is going to fail at some point. This means filling shifts with overtime, losing employees, and paying out sick pay to people who don't have COVID.

We can return employees to work >40% of the time

With Zedic, we can discuss each and every case with the employee, get to the bottom of the situation, and only exclude the people who really need to be out.


We've Identified What Makes A Great Wellness Check Program

We've made it simple and effective.


You don't ever want sick employees in your workplace.  Nor do you want to find out they can't work right at the start of their shift. 

Digital wellness checks 2-4 hours ahead of time keep the rest of the staff safe AND give you time to fill their shift.


Any complicated process simply won't get adopted.
We made our wellness check surveys entirely on the web, email, and SMS.

They work on any phone, tablet, or PC - no apps to download.


You and your managers have enough to do every day.

A wellness check system needs to run on its own. Nothing to be triggered, started, or set up daily.

Once you've implemented Zedic Wellness Checks, the program just runs.


Your system needs to be able to adapt as we get new info on symptoms, requirements, and best practices.

We can update surveys on the fly, without any work on your end. 


You’re not epidemiologists. So when employees present complex situations, you shouldn't have to be a doctor on the spot.

Our team of clinical pros handle these situations and make the right call, so you don't have to.


You've likely been managing all of your COVID sick calls for months now. 

We can take all of that off your plate, and you get to take advantage of the systems we built to handle and log all of these cases.


Here's How Our Wellness Check System Works


Employees fill out a web survey before every shift.

  • Super simple web form.
  • Works on desktop + mobile (and any browser).
  • Key information (like store/manager email address) is pre-filled for employees.



  • If the employee doesn't have any issues, they get a big green check right in the browser, as well as sent to them via email.
  • If they are NOT CLEARED, the employee receives an SMS and email from our clinical team asking them to elaborate (more on this in a second!) and all key members of your team are notified by email instantly.


Cleared Employees Have A Simple Green Check To Show Their Managers

  • Managers don't have to constantly check a database to see who has passed and failed today.
  • Employees simply show their manager their green check with today's date before they start work.
  • Employees get this check right in the browser AND via email, so they can show either.


Zedic Clinical Team chats with employees who are NOT CLEARED.

  • Real, human, clinical professionals chat directly with your employees via email or text message.
  • We get to the bottom of what's going on, whether that's assessing symptoms, figuring out when they actually had contact with someone COVID+, or hundreds of other possible scenarios.
  • The clinical team makes a recommended exclusion for that employee (and most of the time, it's no exclusion at all!)
You are NOT CLEARED to work today. Can you describe your symptoms or the connection you have to someone who is sick?

NO está AUTORIZADO para trabajar hoy. ¿Puedes describir tus síntomas o la conexión que tiene con alguien que está enfermo?
I have a fever and I’ve been coughing a little bit.
Have you been tested for COVID-19?
No, but my dad has. I live with my parents.


Management team is notified of exclusion

  • We tell the employee when they can return to work first.
  • But immediately after, we send email notifications to the employee, their manager, and anyone else you want to be notified of that employee's exclusion.
  • We send special notifications for when employees confirm they are COVID+.
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We Give Your Team Easy To Use Dashboards At Every Level

You can view, filter, and report on all the data produced by your wellness check program, and we make it as useful as possible for both your ground-level managers and your leadership team.

Top Level Dashboards

For your leadership team, we give you a comprehensive dashboard with the ability to view and analyze all of your data, and see trends.

We use Google Data Studio, so producing new charts and visualizations is easy. We (or your team!) can easily produce new reports for your analysis.

STORE Level Dashboards

We've made extremely simple, easy to use reports for your managers. They work right in any browser, and tell managers JUST what they need to know, and nothing they don't:

  • who took the survey today
  • who passed or failed, and
  • and who is currently excluded.

We Use Industry-Best Technology

We store all survey data in a secure Google Firebase database. We can store data for as long as you want.
All SMS is sent and received using Twilio, far and away the leader in the text messaging space.They send hundreds of millions of text messages a day across every industry.
Our emails are sent using SendGrid (also owned by Twilio!)SendGrid is the top email provider in the space.
Your leadership dashboards are all delivered via Google Data Studio.

It's fast (no spinning wheels while you wait for a filter), easy to use, and we can create new data visualizations in minutes, not days.


Pricing For Every Sized Business

We offer discounts for scale. This price includes access to the Zedic app, with resources and live chat with our medical pros for your leadership team.

0 - 2,500
Employees Daily
Per Employee Per Shift
Per clinical conversation
(usually around~1% of surveys)
Program fees starting at
per month
2,500 - 10,000
Employees Daily
Per Employee Per Shift
Per clinical conversation
(usually around~1% of surveys)
Program fees starting at
per month
‍Employees Daily
Per Employee Per Shift
Per clinical conversation
(usually around~1% of surveys)
Program fees starting at
per month

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